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Delivery From the Pain: Survive APK (Latest)

Delivery From the Pain is a game built in an engaging fighting adventure style. Join a story about a special organization with the player’s main task being to survive the dangerous vaccine that has turned everyone into zombies.


Delivery From the Pain will be a perfect choice for those who are passionate about survival genres combined with horror zombie elements. You are the lucky survivor of a zombie apocalypse, and your task is to find ways to survive. You have to face countless difficulties and challenges, from running out of food and water to fighting zombies to rescuing survivors.



The plot will be an essential feature for most games to get the player off to a good start. The main plot unfolding will also be the most honest introduction of the game to its players about the quest they will need to perform. Delivery From the Pain will begin at a particular time – when an anti-cancer research institute has announced the discovery of a drug for eternal life.

On the occasion of a particular event about the science of the whole human world, Faith Energy Company created a vaccine-based startup called “Human X Plan.” However, contrary to expectations, this vaccine has changed the global DNA structure and caused a horrifying obsession called zombies. All the people who pioneered these vaccines have gradually become zombies and are constantly spreading to others.



In a dangerous and chaotic world, the survival of the human world will require people brave enough to protect. And those people will also be none other than the remaining survivors who are pushed into a corner and trying to fight to save themselves. A special plan will need to be devised by you, who are mainly responsible for killing zombies and trying to make the destruction of humanity impossible.

Now, you will need to fight a dark world surrounded by zombies that are rampant on the streets. On the way to carry out your plan, you will probably also meet a very small number of people who are still alive and are trying to fight off zombies and find clues to a dangerous vaccine. Start with tough puzzles that need to be solved through the clues created to find the truth hidden behind a veil.



Besides a compelling story created and the tasks that players will need to perform, the challenges brought will be extremely difficult. Players who will need to understand the core of the challenges created will also be directed towards the ultimate goal of survival. This game is designed to test the player’s courage, patience, and problem-solving skills through specially created game modes.

Delivery From the Pain will be able to bring its players game modes with large maps to explore, fight zombies, final bosses, and much more. In addition, the player’s challenge will also be classified by average difficulty allowing them to continue the saved part of the game after not being able to survive. With the difficulty level increased to legendary level will require the highest level of player care as the save file will be deleted, and they will start over if they cannot survive.



In order for players to experience the most realistic gameplay, the graphics will play an important role. To attract players to participate in their games, their manufacturers need to invest methodically in the graphics system. Understanding the player’s psychology, Delivery From the Pain has equipped them with an extremely beautiful graphics system with a very high level of perfection.

Stepping inside their game, players will be able to be overwhelmed with the level of detail that game graphics can bring to them. With the ability to integrate 3D, parts of the image will be able to be simulated realistically with properly created battle spaces. And the game will also promise its players that the game’s graphic quality will be maintained at its best when they experience combat.



  • The game is developed according to the adventure game genre with special features that allow players to have an exciting journey.
  • The game’s plot will be designed with the story of a dangerous vaccine project that turns all the people into zombies.
  • With a special context created, players will need to achieve the main task of surviving in the rampant zombie world.
  • The game modes created with the game’s difficulty level are different so that players can choose the difficulty that suits their ability.
  • The game’s graphics are extremely realistic 3D with different details that best simulate the image of the invasive zombie world.

Delivery From the Pain: Survive APK (Latest) Download



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