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Download Hazmob FPS MOD APK + OBB Mega Menu, Ammo



Hazmob FPS MOD APK + OBB Mega Menu, Ammo

Hazmob FPS Mod APK is an attractive shooting game with dramatic gunfights, become a professional shooter to rescue teammates and defeat enemies.


Meet many exciting encounters in Hazmob FPS, facing a series of dangerous challenges together. Join the battle; you will form a powerful army to fight to defeat the enemy. Diverse character system, each character will have unique strengths and skills. You will be able to choose your own character and build an army to fight together. To be able to best promote your fighting skills, you need to choose many different characters to choose for yourself the character that best suits your shooting skills.



Players will be divided into terrorists and special forces teams, summoning a powerful army to fight. Your teammates can ultimately save you will be revived immediately without waiting for the end of the match. Therefore, you need to find heroes that match your fighting skills to be able to work together smoothly and make the battle more dramatic than ever. Each round will be 15 minutes long, and you need to focus all your energy to coordinate with your teammates to fight. Destroy enemies and collect resources to upgrade your weapons, supporting you absolutely during the battle.



Experience great fighting with friends worldwide build a battle team to fight together. It’s great to be able to be with new friends, through which you will learn many new ways of gunning. Hide your enemies and build perfect battle tactics to attack the most potent enemies and trounce your opponents. Gather a powerful army to fight, discuss hiding plans, and fight. Immerse yourself in dramatic gunfights to the point of breath; you will have to face powerful enemies. Concentrate all your strength to fight, destroy enemies, and collect many resources to buy more powerful weapons.



Shooting in an ample space, designed with fantastic 3D graphics, gives players a realistic experience like being involved in a real battle. Experiencing a series of challenging obstacles and enemies, everyone is ready to destroy you at any time at the beginning of the battle, making a surprise attack. Therefore, you need to be vigilant and not let go, find a safe hiding place and plan the perfect battle.


Join your teammates in the battle and coordinate with each other to be able to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible; your opponents are all around you, so you need to find the perfect way to dodge the enemies and find a way to destroy them. Bringing players real moments with intense battles is dramatic by the surreal designed graphics and significant sound effects that make the match hotter than ever.



Shape your character and choose the weapon that best suits your ability to fight well. Diverse weapon system with many powerful guns great power to help you destroy enemies more easily. To be able to upgrade your weapon, you need to use your excellent fighting skills to destroy the enemy and collect a lot of resources to have the opportunity to upgrade the weapon. Participating in a tough battle with a harsh combat environment will truly be an unforgettable and highly conquering experience that is very suitable for those who like to conquer great difficulty.


If you are a shooting game aficionado, this fascinating shooting game is the ideal choice for you because it will provide you with fresh and interesting experiences. Do not hesitate any longer; download the game in order to be able to enjoy the most enjoyable times possible! Join the fight with friends, share in life-or-death moments, and fight as a team, assisting one another in overcoming the obstacles that lie in front of you.


  • Shooting in the first person has a dramatic action shooting style; enjoy the exciting battle.
  • 3D graphics, a beautiful interface, and vivid sound create a realistic feeling on a real battlefield.
  • Play with friends worldwide, join the battle, and experience life-and-death moments that bring moments of suspense and tension.
  • The exciting 5v5 match allows you to meet many new friends through which you can learn new fighting skills.
  • Enemies grow with attractive gunfights for players to unleash fighting meet heavy opponents to increase combat ability.

MOD V1? 

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload

MOD V2? 

  • Ammo Injection + No reload
  • Wallhacks :

  1. Glow Wallhack
  2. Multicolors Wallhack

Hazmob FPS MOD APK + OBB (Mega Menu, Ammo) Download



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