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Download Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Menu/Always Perfect, Unlocked



Stick Cricket Live MOD APK (Menu/Always Perfect, Unlocked)

Stick Cricket Live Mod APK – Participate in real-time 1v1 multiplayer cricket matches in a variety of breathtaking 3D venues located all around the world.


Stick Cricket Live is a game that brings the gameplay of cricket where players will go through matches with their skill and judgment. You will spend time completing levels with other players and express yourself with each shot. At the same time, you also get impressive rewards behind each level, and you can unlock many batters with different characteristics. They will be a factor contributing to your win rate.



In Stick Cricket Live, players will have access to gameplay related to cricket, and it is perfectly suitable for many people. The game only brings a part of the cricket match, so anyone can quickly grasp it. At the same time, you will not need to control through many characters and only experience the polishing role. In other words, the game requires players to judge the situation and time to hit the ball correctly.

You will observe the character and the game screen in a third-person perspective, and on the screen, there will appear two arrow buttons pointing left and right. These two buttons control the two directions of the character’s ball depending on the pitch. At the same time, hitting a ball will accurately require a lot of timing. You will know how your results are when the early or late hit bar appears, and the camera will change according to the ball’s direction.



When you play Stick Cricket Live, you will face other players in a 1vs.1 match, and of course, your opponent will also be the batter, not the bowler. When you hit the ball, this point will be recognized because your blue ball and the opponent’s red ball will appear and fly away. These two balls will fly in different directions depending on the player’s shot, and whoever goes further will get more points. From there, whoever has the highest total score will be the winner.


Each player’s goal is to earn as many points as possible and get the maximum score; you will need to consider many things. On the notification bar that appears after each shot, there will be an indicator pointing to a certain point on this bar. It also tells you when your shot is the most accurate or not, and you need to adjust your shot. From there, if you hit correctly, then it will have a positive effect on the score.

When you make a successful shot, you will undoubtedly want your ball to travel the longest distance. You can get the highest score when it flies off the field and sometimes falls on the stands. In some cases, players also make mistakes when they miss or hit the ball so early that it does not go far. Therefore, the gameplay of this game is not entirely difficult but requires attention and accuracy in each attack.



After you complete some levels of Stick Cricket Live, players will be able to receive impressive rewards such as diamonds, coins, and even chests. Chests help you unlock many unique items and sometimes help you unlock the corresponding batters and sports equipment. At the same time, you can also use your resources to open more chests and have the opportunity to increase the stats for the batters. It will help you to have more perfect shots.


  • Play a HUGE selection of incredible cricket strokes as you defeat your opponent in LIVE 1v1 matches.
  • Unlock 3D cricket grounds from across the globe. Play cricket games with others in locations ranging from Dubai to Dharamshala!
  • Earn kitbags to access new bats and upgrade your bowling lineup with the top cricket players of 2021.
  • By improving your bowlers, you can increase your chances of winning. You can win cricket matches by making strategic bowling decisions!
  • Forget about the Big Bash and the IPL. The most competitive cricket leagues in the world can be found at Stick Cricket Live! Gain rewards by dominating the league.
  • Find out who has Stick Cricket or cricket game bragging rights by taking on Facebook friends (or enemies).
  • Before your next multiplayer battle, change the name, nationality, and appearance of your 3D character.

MOD Info 

  • Unlocked all stadiums
  • Always more 3 score (turn off always 6)
  • Always 6 score (turn off always 3)

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK (Menu/Always Perfect, Unlocked) Download



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